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Columbia emerald necklace 2.72 ct

SKU: MC147
Sale price105.360 lei


Color is the most important quality factor for an emerald. The most desirable emerald colors are bluish green to pure green, with vivid color saturation and a tone that is not too dark. The most appreciated emeralds are the Colombian ones due to their evenly distributed intense green color.
These Colombian precious stones selected by us are not treated, have no lacquers or resins applied, are completely natural and come with a gemological certificate.


Made in 18k gold, 4.78 gr with 0.46ct diamonds and 2.72ct Columbia emerald.

The necklace will be delivered in a special jewelry box for gifts together with the warranty certificate. The package will be insured and will require a receipt signature. Please ensure that you use a suitable delivery address so that someone can sign for receipt.

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Columbia emerald necklace 2.72 ct
Columbia emerald necklace 2.72 ct Sale price105.360 lei